Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey! Texas has a new "Global" Village Idiot...

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Over the years I have spent on the interwebs (thanks to our friendly neighborhood convicted felon Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens), I have come across many kinds of idiots.

Idiots who thought giving away passwords to online services was bad (when a 3 year old child could "crack" their passwords)

Idiots who thought the 10 emails they were getting was "too much" and "spam"...

Idiots who thought "Linux will take over the world by storm 10 years from now..." (this for the last 10 it's a lovely moving target)


This teacher takes the cake, the IgNobel Award, the ....

In the words of the great Carlos Mancia, she is a new-age, reborn, "Did Ti Dee"!!!

Did she sleep through the last 20 years? Does she not know what Linux is or means? Has she never downloaded a "freeware app" in her life?

And she is TEACHING?

At least, she has managed to disappoint the family of "You Know Who" and the "One Who Shall Not be Named (because we are all ashamed of his 8 years of reign of Error)".


Because she has one upped them!

So, is there something in the air of Texas? Or in the Texas "Tea"?

Well, with such people bringing down the collective IQ of our species, at least we can look forward to evolution.

Yes, evolution mes Kansas-ian amis.

Would you really believe God created such geniuses on purpose? You know what that would make God, if it were true...?!!!

The jokes will never end. So, let me just end this post.

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c said...

No child left behind! Everyone has to be ignorant! So teachers are setting an example.