Monday, December 08, 2008

F-you says Thain - I did the blindingly obvious and I need to be paid $10 million for it

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I seriously don't know what this guy has been smoking. Merrill Lynch had no other choice! They would have FAILED!

You know F-A-I-L-E-D.

Instead, they were urged, egged, and I am sure brow-beaten to do the obvious and now this jerk is seeking $10 million for that?

Well I hope he doesn't get "Lynched" but let's do this....

Let's give him $10 million.

And then, let's investigate him. After all, if Merrill Lynch "nearly" failed, he must be responsible for that somehow, right?

It would be nice to see someone with $10 million in prison...

Seriously, are some of these guys THAT clueless and GREEDY?

The portrayal of Peter Griffin's father-in-law Peter Schwedirmit or whatever is so accurate!

Thain, you are so frickin' vain!

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