Friday, October 16, 2009

This week's discrimination chronicles: Don't give your fat inter-racial kid that Barbie will affect her body self-image

Pre-Script: If you don't get sarcasm and cynicism, the following is not for you

Barbie ('s ankle) is fat...

I didn't say is the French guy who thinks Barbie has fat ankles did.

And those fat ankles are called "cankles". It is not everyday that I add to my vocabulary. Heck, I am happy if it happens once a week (or was that weak?). The last time I added to my vocabulary was when someone said "Don't be disrespecting me now."

For those of you who did not get the last sentence and it's apparent error - God is shining shame on you (this copied from a crazy nut job I saw judging a dance contest with unemployable high-school dropouts contorting themselves on those fleeting moments when I was flipping through MTV). "Disrespecting" as a verb is at least as of now, not really relished in formal English.

Screw the English.

But wait, we digress, screw z French.

There is some French guy who is redesigning the Barbie doll. Talk about the jobs going to other countries...(I wonder where they are designing the new GI Joe! My wonder is mostly academic, mind you!)

And this fool decided that Barbie's ankles are a little too fat for his taste. And he is redesigning the doll to have, I am guessing "appropriate" ankles.

This genius is making Gov. Corzine (of the Christie threw his weight around fame) of New Jersey look like the tooth fairy.

Like I said, just don't get your fat kid the Barbie doll. Get her a computer instead. Let the French raise bulimic women....

Click here for that story

And yeah, and tell her she can't get a marriage license if she wants to marry a black man in Louisiana.

Here is that story

Shut up and listen to him. Think of what will happened to those half-race kids these couples would raise! He has a lot of "black" friends who come in from the plantations and he buys them beer...

Welcome to the 21st century where we have solved America's racist problems....!

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