Thursday, October 22, 2009

What your useless article on what your car says about you, says about you....

Writing has become so easy. You can take anything, however unrealistic, useless or off the mark and publish it.

Today morning, a stellar example landed on my laptop via Apparently, the car you drive says a lot about you..

Remember the crap from the '60s (or the East Coast) when people believed in such nonsense?

Well, it's on it's way back because someone at (the Fox TV of the internet?) has too much time and nothing sensible to write.

I will link the article at the bottom and you can laugh at this creepy nonsense yourself, but people should be buying cars for what they are - functional tools of transportation.

Apparently owning a Ford Taurus would group me among people who do not have a college degree or skills to surf the interwebs - the collection of tubes through which electricities flows and forbes.commode is able to send it's trash my way.

Yeah, right. I have 3 college degrees, an array of Professional certifications and that's only because I stopped collecting degrees. And, with equally too much time on my hands, mesa always surfs the websites.

Owning a Honda makes you practical?


Unless you work for Honda, the company, or own stock in it, why the heck would it be any better than owning, say a Buick or a Toyota Corolla?

Mind you though, it is not just the genius who wrote the article that got it all wrong:

Anyone watch the Subaru ads on TV lately?

It says the Subaru is for people who don't wash their cars from being unclean or stupid, or simply because they like other men who own Subarus. A new one popped up where the guy who owns the Subaru is a complete idiot who simply goes around looking for things he misplaces.

Positive impact indeed. I wonder if advertising is the right industry for me. Then I too can siphon tons of cash from organizations and portray their products in a poor light. And as long as there are fools that read ignominious articles and buy crap...

Stereotyping People

First, we differentiate people on their skin color. Then on their height. Then on their cankles. And then there was the "study" that talked about the "member" size of Indians (yeah, right, small is good...look we have what 1.1 billion Indians?).

Stupidity comes in several shades. And some people just egg this along.

Imagine this, someone drives up to you on a Chevy truck. You immediately decide he is stupid and you treat him thus.

What does that make you? Homo sapiens disgustus?

Stop judging people until you get to know them. It is impossible not to judge people. Pragmatically, it is necessary to judge people. However, the underlying mechanism is very, very important.

So should I have judged this Forbes writer?

Click Here to find out about how to use cars to judge people...

Claimer: Views presented in this article probably or definitely allude to people real, unreal, imaginary, virtual and otherwise. Any harm or libel cast on people dead, alive or transient is either intentional or otherwise. The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author, however he refuses to take responsibility for said views and believes the use of "airquotes" to be a birthright. Claims not included in this claim are also claimed.

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Sriram Sarma Emani said...

LOL I must say it's been some time since I had a good laugh from an article, very well written.
The part about Indians was hilarious and so was the Subaru thing.
I like the ending because I have to say I do not know if it's right or wrong to judge people, whether we are supposed to do so or not, but you know what - we end up doing it anyways. What makes it justifiable in any case is if we have the right reasons to judge them.
Personally, I have to agree that the forbes article was written by a person who would find it convenient to judge people by what they drive or what they wear. But then again, am I justified if I judge him as an idiot because of his article? Honestly I don't care, that's what blogs are for, taking it out on one another

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