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Sex, Scandal, Computers and Illicit Matchmaking - Why Microsoft and Yahoo! are perfect for each other and other lores..

Ah! What a week.

We began with a Christian crusader on the interwebs who tried to take down a match-making website for "married folks" (so that they can date someone else, mind you). It turns out, he has accidentally turned into a crusader FOR the website, giving it good marketing and visibility!

Isn't that a holy mackerel for you!

The story is here (but there's more, so come on back now):

Talk about your niche business! After all, the match-making beeswax is crowded and you have to "differentiate" right?

Now, now, if you found your significant other lurking there, don't go on killing this messenger.

Word of advice though: If they say, they were there to check if you were there, you might want to....

Well, what is this Microsoft thing?

You know with all the Google and Apple jazz, Microsoft obviously felt that it was facing stiff competition. Now, others may cringe, but they know what to do!

So, when the going got tough in Israel, they purportedly took their resellers on a cruise and offered them sex workers! Obviously, this is a loose interpretation of "let us make this happen, one way or the other". (The pope might want to take a leaf out of this book, but he comes a little later).

And thus, we have a "world's oldest profession" meets "technology" show!

Of course, EIN, the reseller in question claims that it refused to participate in this orgy and has become victimized. Who knows, maybe there was a misunderstanding? Maybe those exotic ladies were just there because Windows 7 was their idea too...

That story (and by no means is this over, so you need to come back again) is here:

This week's Do-It-Yourself Project: How to get Yahoo! to expense your lap dance!

Attend one of their "Hack Day" events.

Caveat: You might have to go their Taiwan offices though.

In 2009, Yahoo! brought in developers for a "Hack Day" event. They gave away lap dances for the developers that showed up, and what was cute about this was the fact that it was more of a "What stays in Taiwan happens in Taiwan till someone posts the pictures of lap dances online accidentally and everyone gets angry about it and we fake an apology" kind of an event....

That is right. The "developers" who showed up for this event got lap dances and everybody did a great job of hushing it up!

Yahoo! then started getting worried when folks called it "sexist". Wonder why no one called them "stupid".

You can read about all that here:

Note: While reporting and talking about people lamenting that "exotic" dancers were used at the Yahoo! event, all the "reporting" included suggestive pictures, generously gleaned from the ill-fated picturas!

The perfect foundation for a marriage: But honey, I was thinking of you all the time

Obviously, both Yahoo! and Microsoft think of women alike (never mind what they think of them). Their business plans to boost sales and attract developers also seem to be alike. Then why simply merge search? Why not go for the total marriage. Cheating, fidelity and ethical business will be no problem!

On other unholy unions

Well, when two people are unhappy with their marriages, they should separate instead of using the internet to cheat, right?

Well the man in a dress the Pope doesn't agree! He thinks his "people" (the ones on whose behalf the church has paid millions to "settle") should go out and save marriages at all cost.. that is right. Actually he wants these priests to stop annulments at all costs!

You can read about that here:

Wonder how he feels about annulling gay marriages?!

Hnmm, what else does the Pope want?...actually he wants all the priests to go out and blog. He does not want them present, he wants them to use digital communications effectively...

Alright, these are the wonder years, I will wonder once again before you does he feel about as a digital communication tool?

Okay, we have had enough of this fake Sue Johnson show for one evening!

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