Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God is everywhere? Puhleeze...says this judge in Nebraska

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I am not going to say, "I thought I had seen it all".

Because I did not think so. I did think that I was going to see it all some day. But literal idiocy is not something I thought I would see again, so soon.

Who is the idiot?

It is kinda hard to judge....oh no, no no not the judge....ha ha ha ha.

Well okay, so there is a total genius (you know what word I am replacing with genius right? I love asking those obviating questions...) who decided to show a bunch of people that the "court" is accessible to everyone, rich or poor.

So the genius (because he can find my address, right, so make up your own replacements for genius) decided to sue God.

Okay, now that gets the Republicans, Democrats and the Independents pissed...and don't even think of the ones that don't even like Celestial Cartoons....oh frack, you know, the guys who couldn't take a joke about ...?

Anyway, what does the judge do?

Not something I would have done:

Hold idiots in contempt of court.

Instead, he (or was it a she? I don't know, I was laughing so hard)decided to claim that God has no address.

Won't this get all the God, No-God and other freaks all riled up?

I mean, come on.....

So a complete ass files a fake lawsuit to convince people of something they are too lazy to figure out themselves and this supposedly intellectual judge could only come up with this cold soup for a response?

Are we in retarded times or what?

In case you think I am one sided, here is another obviation, restated for your convenience:

"Retire lazy, corrupt judges, CJI tells HCs" - in India

And Joe, yes, you, if you can read and furthermore, miraculously understand what you read, you are a pain in the you know what.....

I know it was unrelated, but hey, who cares about staying on topic!

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