Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Question to Subaru Outback Owners...!

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Why does the TV ad about Subaru Outback owners make you look like how Apple makes Apple product owners?

You the kind of people who like other people who are very much like tastes, in looks, outside, inside everywhere?

Bloody Pricks at the Marketing Departments...

Here is the deal - a lot of us don't wash our fungling cars....that's because we are lazy.

Subaru Outback owners - you are also lazy, sloppy and dirty.

The only paradoxical problem is - people who like other people like themselves are stereotypically supposed to be very clean...

What? Oh, the stereotype hurts?

Well stop airing the frikking ads.

You don't need to own a Subaru Outback to love nature.

There is actually no need to own a Subaru Outback...unless, like the TV puts it, you like...well you get it - hmm, maybe not!!!

After all dirty cars is not how nature intended us to be!

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