Sunday, October 19, 2008

RIAA to Judge: No one vexes the Vexterminator! Judge, now you listen to better make her stop vexing us...

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In case you did not know, the Repeated Idiocy Association of Asses otherwise known as the RIAA and operating under a false acronym as the Recording Industries Association of America, has not won a single case definitively.

So, in the landscape of American law, and Global humor, they are a blimp.

More like a bleep...many would say.

Their job includes refusing to admit that there are better ways to sell music, or in case of an ability to do so, make money out of it, and an incessant abuse of the American Judiciary System.

The American Judiciary System is of course filled with Judges who seem to like taking such abuse....hmm, what do we call people who like taking abuse and derive "pleasure" from it?

In any case, now that McCain who voted in favor of DCMA himself has found to be receiving his own medicine, you would think, things may change.

Of course McCain has his own problems, given how pallin' with Palin is not proving to be effective, at least in this week's phonothon of "people with nothing better to do than answer phone calls from media" have shown...

Coming back to the uninteresting, yet entertaining issue at hand, last month, something incredible happened.

A judgment delivered by a jury in the court of a seemingly manic-depressive Jammie Thomas (because he changed his mind about his own instructions!!! - after the jury delivered the verdict based ON his instructions) was overturned by the said Jammie Thomas himself/herself(?).

The premise of the judge, rightfully so, is that just making the songs available is not infringement.


If I left a book on the table and somebody walked off to a copier and made copies, am I liable because I did not put a frikking book under lock and key?

In any case, all's not well for the RIAA judgment. This was the only judgment that looked like it would stick.

But now even that is gone!

Why? Because the defense lawyer for this 22 year old lady is wanting the Texas judge (who is not Jammie Thomas) to look into that other judgment and review the case.

The RIAA is pissed!

Their logic?

Well, we are rich, and we have all these lawyers. How dare you oppose us?

When has that logic worked?

When Presidents signed "exceptions".

Of course, said Presidents became just as popular as the RIAA is today!

In any case, their claim is thus:

"Judge, since you already looked into this 2 times, why should you look into it? You are not so smart that you will see through us a third time!

Plus, like we said before, we are rich, and we have all these lawyers...

And now this 22 year old is just bothering us.

See, let's show it to you. We will use a big word: v-e-x-a-t-i-o-u-s

Get it?

Come on, let's get on with this.."

Except, it won't seem like it would work for now. Judges may like to take the pain from RIAA. But eventually they have the "potential" to see through things. Stress on potential.

Two important RIAA-related tidbits on this case:

1. Talk about much ado. All this is over 37 songs and $7,400.

2. The defense lawyer is saying he will settle for $1000 - $200 for six songs, all that the RIAA could manage to download and cause all this self-inflicted defamation!!!

Oh, how the un-mighty keep falling!

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