Friday, October 31, 2008

Australia: Don't give us your poor, and definitely NOT your sick, Goddamit!

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Immigration is a hot button everywhere. I am an Indian who is currently an immigrant in the US, and I know that immigrants who come to India also face some kind of issue.

A lot of immigration issues are contentious, but nothing made me sick in the stomach...until now. Mind you, its quite tough to make me sick in the stomach.

So yes, there is nothing funny in this blog.

The less said the better about this issue in Australia, the better. You know, whenever I used to see them in context of cricket with India, following all that nastiness a few months ago with Harbajan Singh and the recent emotional wails over their loss in India, it did bother me, just a bit.

I have also known that they have been very idiotic at handling immigration issues before.

Now, trying to stop someone who is serving their community because their son is a victim of Down's syndrome is....well, quite Australian.

You know a new expletive is born today.

Two things,

1. I wonder why people still want to immigrate to Australia

2. I am proud today of where I came from and where I live, two places that are not, well Australia...!

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