Tuesday, November 04, 2008

History, determination and grit!!!

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It never gets better than this. Here I am, sitting in my hotel room, lapping up the news and loading up on coffee..

and there, is a 92 year old woman whose age was not the least part of her determination to be heard. She voted, straight from an ambulance.

No one in their right mind would not want to be part of this moment in history, as we are only hours away from Senator Barack Obama, a person I did not initially support (I was a die-hard Hillary fan and I also used to like the maverick McCain who used to show up on the Daily Show before he went moose hunting and lip-sticking on us!)...

And, I am humbled and honored to see so many people, young and old work with grit and determination to create what will be repeated over and over in history books.

And, I don't even vote...

Viva Owen!!!

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