Sunday, November 09, 2008

How winning can be the WORST thing that happened to you or the need for Mobile Mormon Churches in California

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Alternate Title: Mormon Church Declares - "When we do it, it is moral responsibility, when you do it, it is racism"

At first it appeared that we might have to consider answering the calls to boycott Utah (I am going to be there by month end) or the Mormon Church (I could care the least for any kind of church or temple).

Hmm, but it looks like they dug themselves in.

I am sure the 5-star rateable board room of the Mormon Church in Utah must resemble very little like the place where people who are happy congregate right now.

See, for years, they were practicing on their own corner. First Mitt Romney's unsuccessful run did not make them too happy - almost indicating that at least among conservative voters, Mormonism is not winning any special votes.

Then came Hate, I mean Eight.

I cannot but laugh to think at how much they must be kicking themselves in. Here is what has resulted, all thanks to the Mormon Church and their 22.5 Million $$$:

1. Their church has now been permanently damaged, which even 22.5 Billion $$$$$ cannot fix.

2. Gay Marriage Ban WILL be DEFEATED SOON in California.

I find it amusing thinking forward to a time when we will be calling them to congratulate them on bringing equality to California.

I will blog again that day. Very soon.

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