Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bank of America or Scoundrels of America?

As per "blogosphere" norms, I am late with this post, but it is something worth posting, nevertheless. The whole point of bailing out these banks should have been to discipline them, and prevent them from stealing public money through "special fees", right?

Then how come every single one of them gets away with it? Why are they constantly allowed to increase interest rates (I know the law limiting credit card rates was passed but before it went into effect, they sent letters to many customers and increased their interest rates).

So, the government bailed the banks out and pushed taxpayers into the well..

Isn't that cute? Now, here is another YouTube video of the inner workings of "Bank" of America:

Next time your Congressman or Congresswoman (especially the Republican kind that don't want any kind of regulation) knocks on your door for votes, ask them about this video...

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