Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am deeply disappointed over the Indian Congress Government...

Prologue: It is the moral right (and obligation) of politicians to want to fast until death. Some would consider it to be more convenient if they die faster too, but that is altogether another thing...

On December 14, an elected Indian politician landed at a state capital to "fast unto death". Violating his right to do so, and the people's desire that he do so, the nefarious Congress Government arrested the politician, even though he belonged to their own party!

I find this absolutely appalling. We should give all of our politicians such chances to launch fasts. Heck, we should encourage them to do so!

The next time a politician shows up at your doorstep looking for votes, you should ask him considering the fact that he is shamelessly alive, why did he not choose a practically inoculate cause and try and die for it.

You should ask his party if it has a track record of trying to arrest and prevent any of it's rank and file from trying to leave us (in peace).

You should ask political parties what they have done to encourage more and more of their politicians to find causes and become passionate enough to try and kill themselves.

After all, what better sacrifice could one ask for, be it in the name of the country, the name of a state, it's bifurcation, or the fact that almost all politicians are summarily useless and will never be missed...?

Here is a link to the story that delineates what sad future lies for those of us who expect politicians to jump off cliffs:

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