Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just how important is coffee?

I call coffee my only vice. It is the one thing I have tried to survive without, and have managed poorly. Uh-oh, have I revealed more than I should?

Turns out, coffee is very, very important. Some guy stops the hero of our story and asks him for cash. Perhaps, our hero wanted the cash to buy some coffee. Anyway, the hapless assailant ends up stabbing the dude.

No problem, he just walks up to an apartment complex looking for someone to call 911. No one there to help him.

Again, no problem.

He uses a pay phone to call the ambulance.

Big Deal. What happened next is the most important thing.

He walked up to a store, calmly asked for some coffee and consumed it. That is the true mark of a hero. And, it sums up pretty well - coffee, my dear, is the most important thing in the world. If you have coffee, you can handle anything...even a big plate stuck in your chest...

The Story:

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