Saturday, December 05, 2009

Los Angeles - where the church is truly separate from the state, and, of course ahead of it...

Thanks to the fine idiots from Utah, California turned from blue chip to dead wood in 2008 with Proposition 8. Now, California is NOT one of the states where people can simply marry without Jesus, Dad and their hoodlums breathing down their necks.

So from bragging about the Californication of America, we now have to worry about the Utahfornication of California.

Usually, when we lament about the church and state being joined at the hips, we talk about the church holding back the state.

Only, today, history was made in Los Angeles when a lesbian, the Rev. Canon Mary D. Glasspool became the Bishop.

So, we are once again proud to present sunny, weird, California, where at least one of the churches is practicing tolerance instead of funding garbage. One of our churches has separated from the state, and has actually moved on!

What does your church do? Hide pedophilism and theorizes that god hates gays and wants you to donate money to interfere in California's social life?

Proud of it?

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