Friday, January 08, 2010

Australians hurt by truthreferences to racism....

Australia is enraged.

Australia, is really, really enraged.

They are enraged about a KKK poser cartoon in an Indian newspaper I, as an Indian myself don't read.

They are enraged with the fact that simply burning a few of 'em Injuns is suddenly such a big deal.

So is a nice little KFC ad that is offensive to 'em African Americans.

Apparently, the truth or the insinuation of it is too much for them to handle.

Why not?

Australians are as much likely to burn down Indians as the Londoners or those New Yorkers are bound to..

Except, how many Indians have been burned in London since Yule turned it's tide? Or in the past decade.

Of course their argument is that the Indians don't get killed because of racism, it is simply that they are soft targets.

Well, then why worry if the soft targets associate you with KKK?

Their other argument (uh!) is that more Indians die in India than in Australia...ergo, either it doesn't matter, or Indians are more racist to Indians in India than Australians are to Indians in Australia.

Deal with it Australia - you have a race problem. And you are too Australian to even realize that, and definitely immature enough to be unable to deal with it...

Read the following, and weep:

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