Friday, July 24, 2009

Florida's Heuristic Criminal Scene!

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You gotta read about this guy who decided the best way to take off with a lot of cash was to be proverbial - lock, stock and barrel - in this case of course, no guns involved, just the entire cash register.

So, the Florida Police, in an incredible display of crime fighting ability caught him running down the street with the maligned cash register.

Here is where the problem begins:

The thief had stolen some lottery tickets just, on the yester day. And apparently these serendipitous crime-fighters had also just stepped out of viewing a video from another store where this philanderer had been on his now much hackneyed shenanigans. I wonder how he got off with the loot in that instance?

At this hair raising pace, I predict the following is bound to happen:

Florida's thieves might start understanding crime commission better, and slowly but surely grasp concepts such as thieving infrequently and with geographical choas for best results.

Florida's crime fighters will understand that thieves tend to be creatures of habit, and with a certain alacrity, thieves can be caught if videos of theft are viewed rather quickly than with gaps of an entire day in-between the plunder and the investigation.

The real question is:

Who do you think will get ahead over time?

And therein lies the beauty of an evolving heurestic crime scene

Following this axiom, I also postulate, given the nature of this evolution, a state like the one found in Florida could not, but have been created by a sub-intelligent "God"-like creature.

Eat that, Biologists!

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