Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ha ha ha ha ha..It happens only in India!

Alright, so I was sick and sleepless. Between dead pedophiles pop stars, extremely redundantly hyped, yet to be realized Operating systems, Republicans' parents who like to pimp them, Presidents who ignore the economy and tour nuclear reactors in Russia and a 500 email backlog, I thought nary a blog would emerge from me this week...

But here I am.

So what is all this about?

It is about the recession, I mean the correction, I mean the recession that is just a correction (ask le economists, okay!?).

Apparently Air India is so broke that it has decided to over-fill it's capacity in passengers. So, they stuffed three extra passengers - one in the cockpit, and two in foldable seats for crew members! I wonder where the crew members were going to sit.

Luckily, the flight never took off, and the passengers were transported off on another plane. The rest is not funny, but can be found here:

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