Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey Obama, watch out with those White House gates, they might "call in" about you...

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To all those who thought that racism was over, and it was time to harp about "reverse" racism, here is something to think about. In real life, as in Hogwarts, the magic stops with race and blood.

It is not just disgusting that some woman decided that just because it appeared someone black was trying to break into a house (this woman needs some real help). It is disgusting that police arrived, and despite obviously having found the rather old man (another clue) to be nowhere close to a criminal - arrested him.

Then, and yes, I know, I am repeating stuff you would rather read in a well written, "white" washed (oh, was that a bit mucho?) article, the idiots downtown also did not have the commonsense to apologize and let the man go.

Where they trying to say?

Blacks not welcome here in Cambridge? Or, in our beloved Obama's case, not welcome back?

I don't know about cushy firemen jobs in Connecticut or New Haven, and I do think promoting no one was incredibly stupid and only served to hurt race relations, but we really need action here. I don't think the arresting cop should be fired - his bosses should:

1. They have obviously done a poor job educating their officers on racial and general sensitivity to citizens - I mean come on!

2. They did not intervene and let the poor gentleman go, allowing everyone at the police station believe that it is still A-okay to haul-ass if you can come up with a reason....

And, it proves a point - you may not like Al Sharpton. But he is much needed and I hope he raises some hell at Cambridge.

Maybe a whole bunch of people need to show up at Cambridge and demonstrate that shouting is free speech, especially if you paid the rent or owned the frigging place!

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