Thursday, July 23, 2009

PG 17: Here's your "stimulus" plan - Lou Dobbs, a dumb nut or a fiduciary and copulatory clairvoyant?

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You might wonder what this strange title alludes to. And if so, you need to read this:

Apparently, Lou Dobbs is certain that Obama is faking his birth certificate. See, this actually is correct. Sargent Crowley was also right:

1. Just because a black man has an ID, doesn't mean he is actually a Harvard Professor.

2. Just because a black man has a birth certificate, doesn't mean he is an American Citizen either.

Naturally, we need to satisfy (oh God) Lou Dobb's curiosity by going back in time and videographing both the conception and the following delivery of Obama.

So, this is The Lou Dobb's Stimulus Plan:

1. Set off a race similar to the race to the moon for the invention of the time machine that will prove Obama's citizenship.

2. Create a great stimulus in the video recording, storage and playback industry to keep up with "Where American Babies Come From" Act.

I feel sorry for not ever doubting our beloved Bush as being the *est person I have known...


On a more serious note, this plastic-smeller of the West is actually hosting a show on Obama's birth tonight:

Foot Note: Thanks to Sriram Sarma for bringing Lou Dobbs into my world tonight.

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