Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank You Obama!

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Being an African American President is easy. Being a Democrat President is not. Actually being a Democrat President who is outspoken is not!!!

What am I talking about?

The most recent comments by Obama on the Cambridgate issue. I was impatiently waiting for Obama to say something. I guess we must give the man credit, since he must have been really busy.

What I like is the forceful language. Before seeing Obama's opinions, I was going to blog about the insensitive clowns defending Cambridge PD with the title "This is why they have the word idiot in the English language" (although, that's only partially true, because it is also reserved for murderous Apple customers).

You can't be disorderly in your own friggin' house anymore?

So, exactly what the hell are the idiots trying to defend Cambridge PD talking about? The old man was in his own house. He may have refused to show his ID, but he eventually did.

Okay, forget the fact that you are incredibly clay-headed enough to not realize that this is a person who has contributed so much to American Society.

He is a real person!

What blows here is - there was absolutely no reason to arrest him.

And Gates is right - because one officer was stupid enough, Gates is now "a man with a criminal record whose mugshots can be seen online".

Where is the fairness in all this?

Exactly at what cost do we start allowing the police defend our homes?

Are we in China or the United States?

Where does this persecution by suspicion end?

Well, at Obama's doorstep.

And once again, "Thank you, El Presidente".

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