Saturday, January 16, 2010

And, in this week's "Help! My middle school vice principal is an all round paranoid idi..." section...

This happened, "this week in science".

In the Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School in the Chollas View high school in San Diego, California, a vice principal saw a 11 year old with a Gatorade bottle with wires sticking out of it, concluded that the kid was possibly a terrorist and called the fire department and police to investigate.

Given the school wants to call itself "the Millenial Tech Magnet", you would be shocked and possibly disturbed that the faculty and administration may not have the science knowledge or commonsense that a five year old kid would be expected to would be right in being paranoid, or would you?!

Thank God, everyone is talking about how the kid will not be charged criminally and ignoring the possibility that the school may be laughed at, by even what some unkind folks might call "slow" people...

How many 11 year old home-made bomb builders do you know?

If you are a school teacher or a principal, er "vice" principal, given the probability that you get to meet more 11 year old kids than anyone else, how many home-made bomb building 11 year old kids do you know?

The answer, in all likelihood is zero.

Because in recent human history, minus time machines, parallel universes and child geniuses or aliens nudging kids to build bombs in their basement - the answer is zero, with proof!

Proof, Schmoof!, Right? Call the police and fire department. Are you amazed that they behaved in equanimity with the school?

All I can say is, you amaze easily.

If you are a school principal and see a kid with a box that has wires jumping out of it, maybe you should talk to the student first?

Or the student's teacher?

Or, know enough science to understandwhat a box with wires sticking out of it could do?

Or be a vice principal possibly connected to a shred of reality?

Oh, thank God, our taxes in California or our hard earned money (in case this ingenuity is being run privately and we are the parents funding this) pay for such storied institutions, where "Imagination is more important than Knowledge".

At least Einstein is probably spinning (and not just turning) rather faster in his grave...

Every authority involved in this joke incident is right. It is the kid and his/her parents that need "counseling".

Are you wondering who pays for that counseling? You poor thing...

Here is your "State of the State in Faculty Development and Behavior":

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