Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPoop: Apple forgot to check whether iPhad is a good name or if it can even own it in the first place

Apple is at the forefront of innovation. After all, they invented the tablet, even though it already existed for a few years.

It is speculated that soon they claim all words that have "i" in front of them and simply add "i" elsewhere. While there is great speculation whether the next word they will claim is "iDiot" or "innovation", other trouble seems to be brewing elsewhere.

It appears that a lot of women were not happy with the reference to "pad". Moreover there appears to be a long list of people who own the iPad trademark owners ranging from Fujitsu (if you wonder how Fujitsu is linked to pad, how about trying to see how a fruit company is linked to it as well) to obscure owners such as STMicro, apparently Europe's largest chip maker. A word of caution, these are not the kind of chips you eat, so it gets even more boring.

Of course, none of them worry that the "pad" in iPad is not being received well by women. They just want to duke it out.

Meanwhile, across the world, someone (not me, really, not me at all) was heard as saying, "Great, for $499, now you can watch p**n and the keyboard won't get in the way...

Somebody should look to see if iP**n is trademarked yet...then we'll know who's the original perv! Or, iPerv? Must stop writing...must stop!

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