Thursday, January 21, 2010

An off-topic shameless plug for Skribit!

A while ago, I came across a nifty tool called "skribit". Of course, I think it is nifty and installed it on one of my blogs, hoping people would leave suggestions on what I should write about. While not much panned out then, I thought I will give it a second try.

And of course, there is some shamefulness to it, in that, if I am one of the first hundred people to talk about skribit, I might snag a pro account. Imagine being able to tell me what you want me to write on multiple blogs!

Regardless of the prize, I believe two things are true:

1. Skribit is a cool tool.

2. I want you to tell me what I should write using the tool!

On a more serious note, with everything turn into social media, we now need some motivation for blogs as well. All the supposed experts on blogging tell you that your audience should be motivated to comment on your blog. Most of my audience is composed of my friends and acquaintances and they like just getting in touch with me and telling me what they thought.

So, a tool like skribit might actually help me make the blog interactive with my audience. If you have a blog, you should try it too:

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