Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts - The selfish state or Massachusetts - The New Florida?

Hey at least, the people in Florida can celebrate now, right?!

Their dubious distinction in history now has a chance of disappearing into oblivion while people wonder how a state with 3 times the number of Democrats than Republicans could not take care of one senate seat that they had held on for 36 odd years (especially when they had just passed the most important legislation of their lifetime with exactly 60 votes and NONE to spare).

If there ever was one party that was completely clueless from the top (yes, Mr. Dreamy Eyed, "I have no clue but I will promise anything to win" President, it includes you, especially you) to the bottom, what would it's name be?

As to the good folks in Massachusetts, what exactly are you thinking?

The Republicans who brought on the financial crisis will somehow improve things for your state? By being a minority party that simply votes no for everything?

Or, now that you have Universal Healthcare, you don't have to give, as they don't say, a frick about anyone else?

And thus, Massachusetts - you only have these choices for your new state motto:

a. Massachusetts - The selfish state
b. Massachusetts - We don't know where our Democrats went at the crucial moment, state.
c. Massachusetts - The new Florida, minus the sun and worse...

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